Thursday, April 12, 2012

Grocery Bag Holder

I completed another Pinterest project! This time, thanks to the inspiration of Ashley. I changed a few things from her tutorial to suit my own style, but here it goes!

Here's what you'll need:

7 strips of fabric measuring 18" x 4"
12" of matching ribbon
2 pieces of elastic (one measuring 10"; another measuring 6")
Sewing essentials (machine, thread, needle)

Here's How:
Cut your 7 strips of fabric 18" long by 4" wide and lay them out how you want them.

I think the hardest part for me was figuring out which strips I wanted where. But! I got it accomplished! 

Sew strips together along the length of fabric and iron the seams down. (This helps when stuffing the holder with bags!)

On one end of the fabric, create a casing for the elastic. Do this by folding 1/4" of the top fabric over, iron it and then fold it over again 1/2", iron it. Sew, leaving enough room for the elastic to fit through. Repeat on the other end.

String the 10" elastic through casing that you want the top of the bag to be and the 6" through the bottom casing. Sew the elastic.

Now flip the bag inside out and sew your bag up! Zig zag stitch will hold it best, especially if you are REALLY going to stuff it with bags! 

Once it's all straightened out sew on the ribbon. I ironed the ribbon under so it doesn't fray. (You can partially see in the picture below). You could hand sew the ribbon on (which I will definitely do if I ever make another one!) I used my machine and it got away from me slightly. 

This is why I would have hand sewn it...oh well, mistakes happen!

Yes! Now a place for all those pesky bags I tend to collect (even though I've been trying my best to use my "green" bags when shopping!)


  1. Found this on pinterest....thank you! Very easy to follow and a great reason to bust out the sewing machine!

  2. Made one tonight. Still a beginner at sewing but this was very easy to follow! Thanks!!!

  3. Made one tonight. Still a beginner at sewing but this was very easy to follow! Thanks!!!


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