Sunday, November 11, 2012

Reversible Library Bag

What you'll need:
  • 1 fabric strip for the contrast strip on the front, 5" x 15"
  • 1 fabric strip for the left front, 4.5" x 15" 
  • 1 fabric strip for the right front, 8" x 15"
  • 1 piece of fabric for the back, 16.5" x 15"
  • 2 pieces of fabric for the lining, each 16.5" x 15" 
  • 4 pieces of fabric for the straps, each 1" x 18"
  • 4 pieces of fusible interfacing for the straps, each 1" x 18" (optional)

Here's How:
Iron your fabric and cut out all pieces.

Place your contrast strip and left front piece right sides together and sew. Press the seam open.

Place your right front piece right sides together with the contrast strip and sew together. Press seam open.

I did a decorative edge stitch on the front at this point, but this is optional.

Place your bag front right sides together with the bag back. Sew together along the SIDES and BOTTOM. Not the top!

Creating the gussets:
Fold the bag so the side seams are centered on the top and bottom (on top of each other). This will make a point at the bottom of the bag. Measure 2" from the tip of the point and cut off in a straight line.

Pin each flap.

Sew each corner, separately. This is what your bag should look like at this point.

Onto the inside of the bag, the lining:
Place the two lining pieces right sides together and sew along the sides and bottom, just as you did the outside of the bag.

Now create the gussets just as you did for the outside of the bag - Side seams together, make a point, measure 2" up and cut a straight line. Pin and sew each flap.

1. Fold each strap lengthwise wrong sides together and press.

2. Open the fold. Place interfacing above crease.

3. Fold fabric over interfacing and press. Place another interfacing strip below the crease and do the same for the bottom half of the fabric.

4. The bottom strap is what it should look like.

5. Fold strap in half at the crease and press.

Sew strap along the folded edge and along the open edge to close it up. Repeat on opposite strap.

Pin one strap to the front of the bag, each end 3 1/2" from the sides. Notice the bag is outside out now! The strap will lay on the outside of the bag once sewn on, until the lining is in. Sew in place. Repeat on the back side of the bag with other strap. Make sure you don't catch the other side of the bag when sewing the strap on.

Insert the outside bag into the lining, with the right sides touching. The straps go inside, too.

 Line up the side seams and pin in place. Sew together, leaving a 3" section open on the back. Flip it right side out now, through the opening you just left.

Tuck the lining to the inside of the bag. Press, tucking the raw edges of your open stitch to the inside of the bag. Edge stitch around the top of the bag to close up the opening and give it a nice finished look. Make sure the straps stay out of the way when you top stitch.

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